About Me
"I want to do something different, I don't quite like this."

Thanks to my parents, I have a moderate sense of creativity. Thanks to the internet, I speak English.

My name is Wido Beukhof, I am a student Interaction Design at the art academy of Arnhem in The Netherlands. When I was younger I'd always draw animals. Literally always. As I grew older, my interest in drawing became closer related with art and design. Interaction Design for me is the bridge between Art, Design and Technology. A unique mix of the three is what the study attempts to reach for. In my own work I attempt to create a world in sound. In the design scene, artists and designers often go for visualisation, while I'm much more interested in "Audialisation", the art of showing things with sound. I attempt to make a mix of visuals and audio.

The world is a visual place, which I'm in love with. I want to give people new and unique ways of experiencing said world, through sound. With a love for the glitchy and industrial, I create works with those things in mind.
- 2009, HAVO Lindenholt college, Nijmegen
- 2012, started BA Interaction Design, ArtEZ Arhem
- 2013, Photography course, ArtEZ Arnhem
- 2014, Minor Physical Computing in collaboration with BA Product Design, ArtEZ Arnhem


- 2014, Philips Design practical assignment, Eindhoven
- 2014, CASA practical assignment, Arnhem
- 2014, Project exhibition at movie house Scarabee, Oosterbeek
- 2014, Project exhibition with Uncertainty Studios during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven


- 2015, Research trip to New York, New York
- 2015, Worked on the website for National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Arnhem
- 2015, Designed advertisement posters for Pontanus praktijk, Nijmegen


- 2016, Designed advertisements for Pontanus praktijk, Nijmegen
- 2016, Designed gift coupons for StreetSurfShop, Weurt


- 2017, Started internship at Sprockler, The Hague
- 2017, Designed branding for LeerMeerKracht, Beuningen