Cruise Navigation
Application translation// Longboard compass// Interaction design

The idea behind Cruise Navigation was to translate an application from my mobile phone to a physical, wearable form. I decided to choose the longboarding community as my target group, as I'm personally into longboarding as well. One of the things I always run into is having to get my phone out of my pocket in order to navigate while cruising on my longboard, this is something that could be fixed.

I decided to try and make the compass look like a decal on the deck. I silkscreen printed two layers of ink onto the top of the deck. The first layer was printed with regular ink and the top layer was printed with thermochromatic ink, which becomes transparant when heated above 37 Celsius degrees. Inside the deck are 8 heating elements, each corresponding to one wind direction. An Arduino Uno, a compass module (HMC5883L) and an 8-relay shield control the compass. The compass module calculates your heading degrees, feeds it into the Arduino which then turns on the correct relay on the relay shield which in turn heats up one heating element.

No matter where you are or where you're going, you'll always be able to see in which direction you're headed right on top of your longboard.