Auditory Experience
Expanded senses// An experience in sound// Sound art

Auditory Experience is a project I did for a two-week-long workshop for artist and designer Ralf Baecker. The workshop was about "Expanded Senses", the practice of expanding one's sensory organs. In this case I decided to try and expand the human's auditory sense, the ears. With this project I wanted to attempt to give users a new experience. By creating new sounds and new ways of exploring their surroundings.

The headphones were made after a few days of experimenting with transferring sounds and vibrations to the ears. I decided to use the headphones as the device to do further experiments with. Inside the wooden drivers of the headphones are (small) sound chambers which amplify the sound coming into the headphones to make it audible to the user.

The experimentation with the headphones eventually led to six final extensions for the headphones, each with their own unique usage and their own unique sound. These extensions were chosen because they either created a new sound or changed the user's behaviour. By having sound created based on the user's movement, the user will change their manner of moving accordingly, creating a whole new experience.

Auditory Experience became a new, direct way of exploring your surrounding. By eliminating the air, which usually transports vibrations to our ears, and instead making a direct line from the surrounding to the human ear.