Bridging the Gap
Seminar// Audio design// Auditory experience

Bridging the Gap was a two-weeks long seminar project organised by the HKU. The idea was to put designers from different fields of design together to create an Auditory experience. I was put into a group together with Xuhao Zhu, Niels Orens, Danny van der Lugt and Xena Derks. Two musicians, two sound designers and me as the Interaction Designer.

Our idea was to use four basic alignments, Lawful good, Chaotic good, Lawful evil and Chaotic evil. We decided to use a factory-esque area as our starting point and created four rooms with a hallway connecting them all together. We gave each room their own designated alignment and designed all the sounds and the visuals accordingly. Xena and I made all the 3D models in the project and I did all of the other visual work. Each room has their own aesthetic and vibe which fits the compositions and the alignments.

You can watch the full video of the experience below! (Best experienced with headphones!) Also, you can download the .exe to walk around in the environment for yourself here!