About Me
"I want to do something different, I don't quite like this."


"My name is Wido Beukhof. I am a go-getter, a fighter. I have come to a point in life where I want to make big steps, learn new things. I am a creative thinker and I love working with the people around me to come up with new ideas. My social skills are well developed and communication is no issue for me. Throughout the years I've explored the design world and figured out what I wanted to do for myself. I want to shape my future.

If you're interested in my qualities and ideas you can find me on LinkedIn or download my Curriculum Vitae."

- 2009, HAVO Lindenholt college, Nijmegen
- 2012, Started BA Interaction Design, ArtEZ Arhem
- 2013, Photography course, ArtEZ Arnhem
- 2014, Minor Physical Computing in collaboration with BA Product Design, ArtEZ Arnhem
- 2017, Ended BA Interaction Design, ArtEZ Arnhem
- 2020, Started BA Interaction Design, HKU Utrecht


- 2013, Started volunteering at Scouting Beuningen '76, Weurt


- 2014, Philips Design practical assignment, Eindhoven
- 2014, CASA practical assignment, Arnhem
- 2014, Project exhibition at movie house Scarabee, Oosterbeek
- 2014, Project exhibition with Uncertainty Studios during the Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven


- 2015, Research trip to New York, New York
- 2015, Worked on the website for National Lawyers Guild (NLG), Arnhem
- 2015, Designed advertisement posters for Pontanus praktijk, Nijmegen


- 2016, Designed advertisements for Pontanus praktijk, Nijmegen
- 2016, Designed gift coupons for StreetSurfShop, Weurt


- 2017, Started internship at Sprockler, The Hague


- 2018, Finished internship at Sprockler, The Hague
- 2018, Designed branding for LEERmeerKRACHT, Beuningen


- 2019, Designed branding for EnergieVoorVier, Beuningen
- 2019, Designed packaging for Trash'ure Taarten, Nijmegen


- 2020, Designed Stay@Home 2020 badge for Scouting Nederland, Nederland
- 2020, Designed packaging stickers for RGeurts Patisserie, Beuningen


- 2021, Designed Stay@Home 2021 badge for Scouting Nederland, Nederland
- 2021, Designed WeerNaarBuiten 2021 badge for Scouting Nederland, Nederland
- 2021, Created interactive model for EnergieVoorVier, Beuningen


- 2022, Worked on Interactive RC cars for Club Tucan (Hotel van der Valk), Amersfoort
- 2022, Started internship at Studio Tast, Eindhoven