EMI Ringtone
A futuristic ringtone// Electro Magnetic Interference// Speculative design

EMI Ringtone is a project that aims to illustrate the desire to create unique ringtones in today's society. The project focussed on the future, 3000 years from now. What function of the phone would still be around and useful in 3000 years time?

Ringtones have been important ever since the phone was invented. How could the user know that someone was trying to reach them without a ringtone to alert them of an incoming call? The first phone, however, only had one single ringtone. Since the invention of digital ringtones, the number of unique and new ringtones started climbing dramatically to over a million choices nowadays. And it does not stop there.

My theory is that 3000 years from now unique ringtones are impossible to come by. Within a group of people, one could get a call and nobody would know who was being called, everyone would have to check their phones. That is, if none of them has got an EMI Ringtone, a ringtone based on the Electric Magnetic Interference of your very phone.