Experimental// Experience Design// Speculative design

Growth is a project that came to life as a result of experimenting with the Unity engine. I started experimenting with Unity 3D environments back in 2013, and I also started work on Growth back in 2013. After my laptop crashed I thought I'd lost all the files to the experiment so I decided to focus on other things. However, one way or another, the experiment found it's way back onto my computer and I decided to finish it.

Growth aims to give the user a sense of being smaller than they really are, a sense of emptiness and a sense of loneliness. It asks questions without providing ansers, and it creates questions without providing answers. A strict path will take you to the end, but whether it really takes you somewhere is up to you to decide.

It's experimental, empty, dark and without love. It needs some love. Just like a tree does. We all need love to grow. But does it lead anywhere?

You can open the 3D environment HERE. You can move around using the W, A, S and D key, and you can look around with the mouse.