Interactive Sustainability Model
EnergieVoorVier// Sustainability// Interactive model

EnergieVoorVier is an organisation situated in Beuningen (GLD) in The Netherlands. In 2021 they asked me to create an interactive model to teach primarily children about green energy. EnergieVoorVier will be paving the road to placing five wind turbines near the town of Beuningen. The public perspective regarding green energy sources such as wind turbines and solar fields are rather sceptical. This model was created in order to open the discussion about green energy and sustainability. A way for children and adults to see and experience (on a scale model) what it would be like and what it could do for them.
The model consists of four wooden baseplates (each 40x50cm) which plug into the other through metal locks. The locks also serve as a power port, connecting the wiring of all four baseplates together. The baseplates are decorated with grass, model houses, lampposts, little human figures, three wind turbines, solar panels (some decorative, some functional) and much more. In order to try and recreate the area around the town of Beuningen I created a small area of newly constructed houses, some older farms converted to high-end houses and some farmland.
I started out by creating a sketch of the entire model and deciding on what I wanted to place where. I created a sketch in Illustrator in order to get an idea of what I'd be able to fit in. The final product would differ slightly from this sketch. In order to power all the little lights and moving components that would be living on the model I had to hand carve gullies on the underside of the baseplates in which we could hide all the wiring and cover it up later as you can see in the pictures.
Before the actual building phase of the model could commence I wanted to create a small test model in order to better understand how I could build with the materials I had aquired. The grass turned out to be the easiest and the road film turned out to be the hardest to control. This little test contained (almost) all the parts that'd eventually make their way onto the real model.