Physical Photoshop
Software to Hardware// Physical Design// Interaction Design

Physical Photoshop is a result of a two-week workshop with the Berlin based artist Ralf Baecker. With a background in computer science, he is interested in translating the digital world to physical speculative machines and installations. The project was created in collaberation with Merel de Goede and Missy Skae.

We were particularly interested in the origin of digital interfaces. The icons in Photoshop's toolbar for example are based on real life objects. What if we can bring these tools back to life? What if we are able to Photoshop reality like a 21st century Realist artist?

We went on to create physical representations of the most common tools in Photoshop. These included the ruler tool, the pen tool, the wipe tool, the spray can tool, the text tool and photoshop filters. While working on the physical representations for these tools we decided to attempt to create an entire physical photoshop. With a screen on which you can work, the object became a portable real-life photoshop tool which you can take anywhere you want, and photoshop anything you want.