School travels
Visualization// Realism VS. Abstraction// Glitch Art

School travels was a project I did about the trip I make from home to the academy and back. I live in Beuningen and study in Arnhem. I take a bus from Beuningen and Nijmegen before taking the train to Arnhem and walking the last part from Arnhem central station to ArtEZ. I see a lot of different things during that trip and the aim of the project was to visualise those things in a video.

I started out writing down as much information about my trip as possible before recording the entire trip. I took my camera with me and recorded the 45-minute-long trip. I wanted to make a literal and an abstract version of the video. I did this by first running the video through Audacity, thus making audio out of it. because Audacity only knows how to read and write audio, it'll make absract and glitchy sound from the information you give it. I then ran the sound through photoshop, making it do the same thing as Audacity but the other way around.

I then combined the audio and video into one and placed it next to the literal video. The completed project is a documentation of my trip from home to the academy with my computer's abstract interpretation placed next to it.