Secret Processes
Data Gathering// A Warning Tool// Information Design

Secret Processes was created for a project based on cellphones. The subject of the project was the things cellphones do without our knowledge, and what the dangers are when your phone falls into the wrong hands. Nowadays cellphones carry a massive amount of information about it's user, and are constantly working to update it's database about said user. From GPS positions to full names and contact information, the phone stores it all.

I was under the understanding that my cellphone did not store much information about me. I'd done a lot of effort to stop my phone from collecting and storing information on me and/ or my positions. As it turned out, however, I was wrong. I wrote a script on my phone that showed all processes that were on-going on my phone. The script revealed that my phone was accessing up to 3 processing per second, even when it's screen was locked. The phone was starting and checking on processes without me telling it to.

I decided to make a Processing sketch that visualised all of the secret processes that I'd found on my phone. The visualisation was meant as a warning tool, visualising just how much your phone does without your knowledge. The sound and colours were chosen to make the impact of the "alarm" bigger.