Glitches// Interactive Glitch Environment// Glitch Art

Spheres is a project that I did together with Willem Kempers. The project's focus was glitches, in every possible form. Willem and I decided to focus on the Sphere, a 3D circle. A simple shape in it's essence, but very complicated when it comes to 3D visualizations of said shape. A sphere is constructed from planes, 2D sheets that construct the circle shape together. In a 3D file, the software stores the information of all the coordinates for the planes in order to create the sphere. We ran such a 3D file through some text editing software and shuffled the iformation in the file, thus shuffling the coordinates of the planes. In doing so, we created these very complex and unique looking shapes.

Next we wanted to give the objects some texture. We created the textures by running the 3D files through photoshop, an image editing program. Naturally, Photoshop can't read 3D files, Photoshop is only meant for 2D graphics, and that's exactly that it tried to make of the files we gave it; graphics. The textures are Photoshop's rendition of the 3D object we created.

As a last step we wanted to create sound based on the objects. We did this by running the texture files through Audacity, a sound editing program. Once again, the program could not handle the files we gave it, but did it's best to create what is was was designed to do, in this case that was creating sound. All the sounds you can hear in the game are the actual sound files Audacity created from the texture files.

We created the 3D environment that you can walk around in as a unique way to experience both the aestethics and the audio of the objects we created.

You can open the 3D environment HERE. You can move around using the W, A, S and D key, and you can look around with the mouse.