Sprockler B.V.
Sprockler B.V.// Information and Data// Graphic Design

I was hired by Sprockler B.V. as an intern Interaction Design. I redesigned parts of their website and applications from the perspective of a user. I was in constant contact with their clients and through trial and error and lots of conversations I made design decisions that'd make their website and applications easier to work with.

Sprockler B.V. is a company that opperates in third world countries. Their aim is to gather data from the local population. The data gathered is about anything from literacy to education and everything in between. They were mostly focussed on the personal stories of the locals and were adament on using sliders instead of simple yes/no questions because of the simple fact that they felt like people would be able to voice a more varied opinion this way.

During my time working for Sprockler I designed many new things for them including the banners on the website, new buttons on their applications, new business cards, etc. All in accordance with the branding that had already been designed for them. I worked with said branding to create new designs for them.
These were the banners I designed for their website. They had a beautiful poster that was designed by a graphic design which included the blue wave. We decided to incorporate that same wave shape in the banner for the website and thus these banners were born.
These icons I designed were also inspired by the poster that was created for them before. These icons were implemented on their website's homepage.
The login page of their website used to be a bland, black and white page with simple forms to input your information into. To get that page to look more like the branding of Sprockler I completely redesigned their login page.
The menus on their applications were once again just bland black and white navigation buttons. This also had to be redesigned in accordance with the established branding. I worked on adding colour and rounded edges where necessary while still keeping the menus easy to read and work with. This was one of the challenges we encountered most, adding a certain playfulness to the whole design without losing functionality.
I also designed some new possibilities in visualising the data that they'd gather from their clients. They previously had no clear ways to visualise the data and thus a new way to show their research was necessary.
Previously Sprockler had no business cards for their employees. However, with the growth of the company they were becoming more and more needed to spread the word about their company. I designed this business card which could be used for all employees with the correct information.
Finally there were some new icons needed for extra functionalities on the website and their applications. I designed these icons once again in accordance with the established branding. These icons were designed for the users of the applications to make it easier for them to understand which permissions they had on the website and applications.