The EIO Company
Game Design// Puzzle Game// Exploration

The EIO Company is an experimental puzzle game created as a project during my study at the HKU. The project description was to design a puzzle game with at least 3 different levels. I created a game mechanic in which you can create Lightbeams by holding down the right mouse button. With these lightbeams you can explore the world you're dropped into and even climb it's buildings.

I took a lot of inspiration from the Halo franchise. I've been intrigued by their building designs ever since I played Halo 1 back in 2005. I took most of my inspiration from the city of New Mombasa in Halo 2. I tried to make the buildings in The EIO Company fit the outer-space theme as much as possible.

In The EIO COmpany you're dropped into a weird and alien outer-space world with floating buildings. The EIO Portal is out of power and it's up to you to explore the world and figure out a way to bring power to the portal oncemore and find your way back to Earth. All around the map there's hints to what the EIO Company is, why you're there and what you're supposed to do.

Sound Design & Other assets
Xena Derks helped me with the sound design for The EIO Company. She offered to design sounds for my game and she ended up creating all the sounds you hear while playing. Besides the sound design I used a few textures from sources such as and I used the procedural fire particle system from Hovl Studio and the 4K galaxy renders I used for the skybox came from PULSAR BYTES. Other than those mentioned, everything you see was made by me.

You can download and try the game for yourself HERE!