Experimental// Environment Design// Speculative design

Tunnel is a 3D environment with only one path to take. A long desolate tunnel leads to an unknown goal. It takes a while to reach the goal but in the end it's definitely worth it. It's supposed to take your breath away, as a goal generally should.

Tunnel is an experiment in 3D environments, Glitch audio design and Visual glitches. All of these put together lead to the goal at the end of the tunnel. The sound design was made in Audacity, it's a glitched and slowed down version of a track by Renard. The visuals were created by letting photoshop interpret the sounds I created in Audacity. Since photoshop only knows how to create visuals, it attempts to take the information you give it and turn it into visuals. I created a video out of those visuals and added it to the object. The object itself is a glitched sphere created in Cinema 3D. The object is a collection of glitched information put together into a single object, hiding it's inner simplicity with a complex exterior.

While the path to the goal may be long, in the end it may seem like it has only resulted in a mistake. That mistake, however, may just be very interesting.

You can open the 3D environment HERE. You can move around using the W, A, S and D key, and you can look around with the mouse.