Signal Hacking// An Artistic Depiction// Interaction Art

The WI-FI_PAINTING was created for a workshop led by designer Luis Fernandez. The workshop's subject was Wifi signals and the data that can be gathered from said signals. By writing a piece of code in Python, we were able to collect information about all Wifi connections in range of our laptops.

The data included a full list with all Wifi signals in range, with the usual information of the names of the connections, the fact whether they were protected networks or not, and the strength of the signals. With this information we were able to make maps based on the Wifi signals within range.

I decided to use the signal strength as my starting point. I wanted to create something visually attracting based on the information I had gathered on the Wifi signals. I linked the Python sketch up with a Processing sketch and wrote a script that created visuals based on the information the pythin sketch was gathering in real time.

WI-FI_PAINTING became a literal painting based on the Wifi signals and their signal strengths in real time. The painting will never be the same and will have unique results in different environments. The photos shown below show results from different locations.